Stresemannstraße 360° Walkthrough

In june 2017 we produced this 360° panoramic walk through for our client Wohnbau GmbH. Besides the marketing aspect of the renderings it was also part of the project to test new ways of representation. The client decided to go with this technique after we offered and discussed several possibilities of realtime/VR solutions.

Those had to be produced within a quick timeframe and being integrated within the project’s website – so we went ahead very lightfeeted and in a fresh and easy process the apartment to visualize got picked and interior design got defined.
The design and the chosen apartment had to most representative for the whole building – and be suitable for a broad audience.
Two rooms – living room and bedroom – can now be experienced with a possible furnishing, you can try it yourself behind this link:

We hope we could give our client a useful tool at hand and wish all the best success in the marketing efforts!

Many thanks to all people involved!



Stresemannstraße 360° Walkthrough


Client: Wohnbau GmbH
Realisation, CGI and Production: xoio GmbH


June 2017


Photorealistic CGI, Panoramical Rendering, Implementation Panorama Software