realestate VR configurator concept

We have been asked by Rise and Shine Films to take part in this interesting case study. The scope was to find a way to show how a future real-estate configurator and search engine could look like.

VR applications were to be shown to be used in property marketing. Starting from a blank canvas the protagonist  refines the space by enlarging and adding details and space.

One of the biggest challanges was to make the cameramotion look believable as if being recorded from a first-person perspective. Yet we wanted the scene to feel comfortable without causing nausea because of hectic motion. We managed to „record“ the movement in realtime within the animated space and afterwards smoothing it out.

While the showcase still is a nonfunctional dummy, we realised and rendered the whole walkthrough in a complete realtime environment using the Unreal Engine. In our understanding this would add to the credibility of the project by using a state of the art technology as is available today.

We thanks Rise and Shine Films for the great cooperation and the opportunity to investigate further into the project.


realestate VR configurator and search


concept and production: rise and shine films
cgi: xoio