holographic product display

We were lucky to be entrusted with this project by our longtime client and befriended agency Dan Pearlman who approached us to realize this holographic display. The display case was  part of a larger launch installation of a new Schnaps of the german liquor manufacturer Jaegermeister .

We were quite unfamiliar with the underlying concepts behind holographic displays, so we had to do some superfast research to get into it asap – it was great to have a display at our studio for some testing. And indeed the technique is lovely! Holographic displays are just our thing: Mixing real objects with virtuall content in an actually lowtech fashion is a thrill. One got to mention it is in fact quite ancient dating back to the early 20th centuries pepper’s ghost technique used in theaters.

And in all honesty it is not really holographic, since it stays on a flat plane nevertheless. But done the right way it really is amazing.

A small sketch which shows how the whole setup actually works

xoio was commisioned to produce the animation loop for that holographic installation, which highlighted the new product in a holographic box. Chronologically the product grows from the simple bottle up unto the fully labeled and filled liquor. We made use of various effects to deliver a diverse and intense experience featuring cg-fluids, particles and typographical animations. The project was our first, we are looking forward to do more on this front!

We fullheartedly thank Dan Pearman and Jaegermeister for this cooperative and creative little journey!



Holographic Product Display


Endclient: Jaegermeister
Agency: Dan Pearlman
Realisation: xoio GmbH
Displays: Holoco