realestate VR configurator concept


We have been asked by the rise and shine films to take part in this very interesting small case study:
The scope was to find a way to show how a future real-estate search could look like.

In this little use-case a lady looking for a new place uses a VR application to individualise and experience the house of her dreams and needs.

Being in a „blank“ canvas she refines the space more and more – enlarging and adding details and space.

At xoio we created the cgi part in the video – within the Unreal Engine.
One of the biggest challanges was to make the cameramotion look believable as if it is the first-person perspective of the protagonist wearing the
VR googles without it looking too dizzy or hectic – We in the end solved by „recording“ realtime movement within the animated space.
This way it was possible for us to have clean key-framed animations which could be refined along the whole process.