xoio interactive

We are interactive! But what is it?

Well, what is this little subsite about?
We – xoio – are enthusiasts when it comes to „virtual“ worlds. This is not limited to the „3d visualisation“ we are doing for many years but also branches out and evolves.
As trained creatives vision and phantasy are part of ourselves as personalities – and of course as a company.
Our love and interest for the virtual (and of course our flexiblity in tools) enabled us over the years to always go further and beyond the still- and animated visualisation, more and more
we had the chance to put „interactive“ content for our clients on the feet. This of course included „VR“ solutions, but also reaches to applications that reach into forms of augmented reality or realtime solutions.

In xoio’s eyes VR and other interactive application gives us the chance of an enhanced immersion by technology going beyond traditional communication methods. In a broad sense it’s about blending “virtual” worlds with our reality and stimulate our sensors to let us further dive into the fascinating worlds of the unbuilt.

VR is creating a big buzz these days, as VR-glasses are getting accessible by consumers. But there are many ways to bring 3d virtual content closer into our world: Augmented Reality devices overlay virtual worlds with live-feed to integrate info into realities. 3d-printing turns virtual ideas into reality. Transparent screens enrich real objects with overlayed information and motion.

Latest technologies seemingly allow to interweave both worlds increasingly and it looks like we are at the very beginning.

xoio is constantly looking out for solutions to communicate content in richer world and we specialize in solutions that are feasible and accessible for all kind of clients. This is what this page is about. It is our lab and collage of results and promisses that we want to share with you!